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One thing that all buildings have in common is the air ducts. Air ducts are the essentialand proper operation wthat ill affect many cousehold/commercial aapplications Should you live in bBellevue or close areas, contact the Air Duct Cleaning Bellevue team for excellent air duct inspection services.

After our experts have completed the examination, they will offer a detailed report, suggesting the measures you should take. Clean ducts will always work better and push the HVAC system to perform better, so you should always consider air duct cleaning. You only need to hire us once to see that our constant servicing will continually improve your HVAC’s system performance.

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Our Air Duct Inspection Service Techniques

First-Class Service from the Experts

Loose bacteria, dust, and dirt may collect in the air ducts of your residential/commercial space. The professionals at Air Duct Cleaning Bellevue will develop a detailed air duct inspection, seeking the areas where dirt or dust has built. They’re also prepared to run a cleaning procedure, if need be. If bacteria isn’t removed, it will circulate back inside your house, decreasing indoor air quality and endangering house occupants' health. It's a significant positive effect, so hire Air Duct Cleaning Bellevue for air duct inspection in Bellevue, WA.

It's expected that mold, mildew, and other growth forms appear in air ducts in time. They pose a high risk for everyone’s health. As our technicians analyze the air ducts, they may discover that some areas are severely affected. Air Duct Cleaning Bellevue performs air duct inspection services that are excellent and dependable, especially when fast bacteria removal is mandatory.

Our Air Duct Inspection Process and Equipment

Sometimes, the air duct inspection suggests that air duct cleaning may be postponed. Nevertheless, you should contact the experts for air duct inspection once a year, at most. Clean ductwork is fundamental for indoor air quality and the HVAC’s system’s operation. The experts at Bellevue Air Duct Cleaning will decide if cleaning is mandatory. Throughout the cleaning process, they will also eliminate dust and debris, pet hair, small items deposited in the ducts, blocking them. Blocked vents always cause a decrease of indoor air quality.

The equipment

Our professional team have many years of experience, and master the skills to adjust the techniques to every application’s characteristics. They will use the tools that give best results with the household/commercial space. They will also use flash cameras, screwdrivers, and flashlights but may add other equipment pieces if necessary.

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The process

The experts from Air Duct Cleaning Bellevue, WA, will get to your place and start with air duct inspection and then the cleaning process, going through specific phases. The experts will adjust the protocol  if need be:

Step 1- run and examine the HVAC system

The experts from Air Duct Cleaning Bellevue will take a perfect look at the registers and air vents while the HVAC system is operating. Debris or dust coming out of the vents tells them that cleaning should occur as soon as possible. Even if you don’t see it, something could be blocking the duct system, forcing it to work for longer time, while the indoor air quality decreases daily.

Step 2- check the vent registers

T.he team is focused on performing the most complete air vent ducts inspection,  to serve all components of the HVAC system. They will utilize flash cameras and screwdrivers for analyzing the vent registers; typically, the registers are installed on the floor or the wall’s low zones. As they want to take a detailed image, they may have to unscrew the vent grill a

Flash cameras will help the experts develop the inspection. Our experts have the experience and skills to get the most detailed picture of your air duct system. If cleaning takes place, the pre-process images are essential for highlighting the differences between pre and post cleaning.

Step 3- look for common issues

Mold and rodent droppings make the most typical issue for air vent ducts. If the technicians find rodent dropping or dead insects, they will tell you about the infestation issue you have to manage. It’s best to hire the professional exterminator to eliminate the problem.

If dirt and debris are also found, the team will recommend professional cleaning, for sure. The team will tell you which tools, procedures will use for your application, commercial, or residential. It’s what makes Bellevue Air Duct Cleaning the most appropriate option for air duct inspection in Bellevue, WA.

Step 4- provide a written report

After the team has finished the inspection, it will provide you a detailed report about what they have discovered. When the group also recommends air duct cleaning, hire the team at Air Duct Cleaning Bellevue for professional air duct cleaning.

The experts in our team have the knowledge and tools to perform the sealing of the air ducts. Leaking air ducts make 20-30% of the conditioned air to escape. Again, you should hire Air Duct Cleaning Bellevue for air duct cleaning, as it will sustain a better performance from your HVAC system and lower the amount of dirt and dust that goes inside your household/commercial facility.


Air Duct Inspection in Bellevue at Highest Standards

Call the experts for air duct inspection for commercial applications. We will also run the complete air duct inspection in Bellevue, WA, contact us today and plan a meeting for air duct inspection for your space. 

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